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At your side from A to Z

Because Château Blanc wishes to become your long-term partner, we cultivate trusting relations above all.

Strengthened by its affiliation with the Holder group, Château Blanc offers to share its broad expertise with you to accompany your development.

We are committed to bringing you high-quality product solutions and irreproachable service.

From our first sales contact to logistics arrangements to the final delivery of products, we are here for you.

We aim to understand your needs, determine your specificities and work with you to find the high-performance solutions that are most appropriate for you. 

Our teams are available to guide you:

  • To work with you to evaluate the right product offer, its general organization, and the final steps of its preparation, in accordance with your needs and equipment.
  • To propose personalized products and services that meet specific criteria and contain special ingredients to satisfy the most varied client demands.
  • To provide a technical expert to guide your teams.
  • To make our culinary consultant available to work with you to develop innovative concepts.
  • To use our integrated logistics department to optimize the management of your organization.


Château Blanc, a trusted partner to guide you.


Our definition of innovation:

  • to restore the pleasure of artisanal products to today’s fast-paced world.
  • reinterpreting tradition and anticipating our clients’ needs.

Consumer trends, tastes and habits are constantly evolving.

At Château Blanc, we pay careful attention to these developments, and that is how we are able to combine them with our historical expertise.

Innovation is at the heart of Château Blanc’s mastery.

Our watchwords:

  • the traditional expertise of French pastries and baked goods
  • respect for artisanal production methods: kneading, long fermentation times, and baking on stone
  • monitoring the market trends in France and abroad
  • creating exclusive, up-to-date recipes
  • regularly renewing our offer
  • developing packaging to meet current-day demands

Continual innovation is the cornerstone of Château Blanc.

Technical Consulting

Close to our clients.

A successful product is one that will fully satisfy your clients.

Product excellence at every step is as important to Château Blanc as its expertise.

Our mission does not end when the product enters your hands. That is why we consider it essential to guide you.

Our joint success is also about optimizing your teams’ performance!

A Château Blanc technical expert is available to advise you and provide you with solutions to guarantee the best possible quality of finished product.

  • variations on products may be made according to your specific equipment, context and needs.
  • product baking may be managed differently according to the type of oven.
  • professional equipment programming is available to you.
  • your operators may be trained to manage your workshops correctly.

Our joint success is also about optimizing your teams’ performance!

Our mission: to support you on a daily basis to make our collaboration your success story.

Our product and equipment expertise is yours.
The Château Blanc teams are there on a daily basis to share it with you.
And soon we’ll provide online content to bring you all the keys to the optimal use of our products.

Stay connected!

Culinary consulting

Indulge in our recipe ideas!

Good products, high-quality ingredients and great ideas!

Are you hoping to bring a new dynamic to your selection with an attractive seasonal offer?

Set out to discover soon our irresistible recipes, the perfect way to refresh your menu and surprise your clients.