For Snacking professionals who want to stand out by offering the finest from the delicatessen, Château Blanc offers a new range of delicious Snacking Savoury Quiches.

Created to meet different needs, this range offers you a wide range of flavours to enliven your menu throughout the year and offer an incomparable sensory experience:

  • Quiche Lorraine
  • 3 Cheese quiche
  • Leek & garlic and herb cheese quiche
  • Mediterranean vegetable & feta quiche
  • Tuna, vegetable and olive quiche
  • Salmon and broccoli quiche
  • Chorizo, pepper & Espelette chilli pepper quiche
  • Butternut squash, cheese, honey and pumpkin seed quiche


Made from a crispy pure butter puff pastry, topped with generous and creamy toppings, these quiches present a gourmet and attractive visual for your customers.